3.5 Immutable laws of post promotion

Dear Writers & Bloggers,

You have toiled hard and burnt the midnight oil to do the research and wrote many drafts to publish that killer post for your blog. There is no bigger heartbreak than the post sits in your blog unread or un-shared by the community.  

Not just you, but we have also been in this boat and relate well with the pain.

A great movie “The Martian”, was based on a series of blogposts. Don’t we all want to be as successful as Andy Weir? We do isn’t it.

Create something exciting.

If you’re interested in fiction go ahead and paint a new world on the blank canvas. The path to success is not laden with bad work. You have to ensure that the product of yours is good. Why just good, your product should be great. Believe in yourself. There shall be a post soon on how to be a great blogger. You have to put your heart in serving the best to the community. 

Before you put your pen to the paper, don’t be scared of hurting sentiments. Sentiments are meant to be hurt by honest writers. There are no people on this earth who have no enemies or detractors. If you choose to be successful don’t shy away from detractors. Be controversial. 

Every creation needs a buzz to be successful. If Andy Weir did not get the buzz we would have been deprived of his movie. If GRR Martin did not get that buzz we would not have read or watched Game Of Thrones. 

If you study the marketing of the most successful TV series Games of Throne, you will take few lessons from it.  Create a buzz around your product. I agree we don’t have the budget of high level marketing but we have the same tools as they have. 

Make a noise.

Announce to the world about your next work with a date. Share limited details. Create a suspense and curiosity around your work. Once the post is published and you’ve done the first two steps in good faith, the important step comes next to you.

Promote it

How do you plan to sell your work? Do you have a promotion plan? Just tagging your post with your friends and making them read and comment is not enough. You need people who are not friends or enemies. You need more readers. Make a post trailer of your work on your social media. Encourage your followers, pique their interest to visit your blog and to read it. Like it. Unlike it. Comment it. Share it. Let the readers so whatever they can to promote it.

You must be thinking how much promotion is apt and how much is too much? There is no limit to it, but you should be methodical in it. Make a spreadsheet of what has worked in your favour and what has not. This will make you reach success and recreate it often. Create a checklist and once you are confident, share with your fellow bloggers and writers.

Lastly, let us call it half law, contribute to the community. Join us on Facebook, let us create a community – Karma Cafe.

We can help you in designing your writing path and help you in every step. Be it engaging with other blogger/writer posts, giving constructive suggestions and more because without each other, the writers and bloggers are incomplete.

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We not only provide you a platform to get published but also we help you develop your writing style, find better topics to write and promote you for wider readership.

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2 thoughts on “3.5 Immutable laws of post promotion

  • January 23, 2019 at 11:45 AM

    A helpful post, we will feature it on the next Blogger’s Pit Stop. Well done.


  • January 18, 2019 at 6:06 PM

    Thank you for the reminder that we must promote ourselves. It’s not enough to just write good material. That’s one reason I participate on the Blogger’s Pit Stop, which is where I found your post. Happy Friday!


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