How will you Mark in the Universe?

To do awesome work, you need to have feel that you are making difference in people life. When you have such gut feeling that you are creating something valuable for the people and your work making their life better.

“To validate this process, you need to have people attention on high Level if you stop working what you do.”

If you have such response from people regarding your work than you are really making difference in people life and you are making their life better. You have to be creative enough to make difference somewhere.

If we look at the creative process of this universe, then only creativity is only the thing which make this world better.

Without creativity how this beautiful world can be imagining, as someone said that “God can only be a creative”.

As we are the part of god or God is within us then we have don’t need to kill our creativity.

Actually, we are just unaware about our creativity or this is hidden in our personality.

There would be something in which you are best and if you can focus on that part of your life then you can mark in the universe.

We were all born as spontaneous, creative thinkers. We were told how to handle problems with predefined fix mental attitude. As a toddler we just follow the same tradition way to solve the problems and we end up with same consequences.

To make such progress, you have to follow such thought process where

Like Jason Fried co-founder of basecamp Beautifully written about this in his book “Rework”.

As he mentioned his book:

“Anyone who takes a “We’ll figure out how to profit in the future” attitude to business is being ridiculous. That’s like a building a rocket but starting off by saying, “Let’s pretend gravity doesn’t exist.”

“A business without a path to profit isn’t a business, it’s hobby.”

If you are struggling or dreaming to list your startup in Fortune 500 then you should have actual business plan which deals with actual problem which being faced by people and help people.

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