Why don’t we learn from experience?

When we understand the Science of action, this is process which lead us to learn how someone should act in difficult situation.

Every person on this planet lives his/her own life and want to live happy and successful life.

Everyone Seems to be in struggle to achieve happy live status in his whole life. We all have bed and good experience of life but very few people learn from these experience and go ahead in life. Otherwise most of the people keep complaining about the life and about the problems they face. 

This has been my life experience as well when I claiming to have 5 years of experience in a company. When I do deep introspection then I found that it just same year repeated 5 times in my life.

Most of the people seems to do the same thing in their life while they say, they have N Numbers of experience because they have done the same task again and again in whole year.

They even don’t Realize that it just a repetition of same year whatever no of years they are claiming.

Now this process of living makes us worse because we do not learn. When repeat the same mistake again and again then it’s limit our free thought process dramatically.  We know that we are living the same Life which we do not want to live. We do not give enough time to think how we can come out from this problem.

We repeat things which require less efforts. We stop questioning to our life while repeating the things

Because it increases our laziness and we get comfortable with this. And this comfortable level makes so lazy about the things that we want to achieve in our life.

Just think about any person Who runs a company, an Artist, a writer and anybody who is dealing with public and have Exposure in society.

Such people consider every day as new day with full of Opportunities.

They also do have repeating task in this life but they do have second thought process as well with same task.

There should be deep observation of our thought process and mind while we repeating the same thing in our life. This process makes us dull and kill our Potentiality.

Even some employee who deal with 9 – 5 job life Style have another learning curve. They have sharp eye on their actions. If something is not working, then they immediately change approach to solve that problem.

Indeed, this required more efforts but when we try more efforts then our problem solving approach increase and we get rich with more option to solve the problem.

Whatever we learn on daily basis and if we want to make it meaningful than we have to focus on Energy of life and daily routine.


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Ranveer Singh

He is a book lover and introvert by nature. Interested in deep meaningful conversion with anyone on different topics and believe in energy which operates all of us. He loves to remain alone and thinks how this world works. He writes short stories and love to watch theatre and movies. Along with these stories, he also likes to connect like minded people. He is an art lover and believes that art is just not entertainment propaganda but has greater responsibilities. He is a computer science graduate but never worked as studied. He has worked in corporate sector but never felt comfortable. Corporates World is not for everyone. We go to school and college by having a dream that we will work in TOP MNC’S but when we land in the corporate world than we realise that we don’t belong to that world. 

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