We spend our time rushing through each day- to study, to earn, to buy more things. But all we do is invest in materialistic things which at the end, we don’t even have time, energy or health to enjoy. Rather, why not pay attention to the little pleasures of life? The bursting of soap bubbles on a baby’s nose, a dog chasing his own tail, the joy of rolling down grassy slopes or a messy handmade greeting card created by your children! Don’t miss out on the small things in life-for they are the most precious!

What’s life without smiles?

What’s life without laughter?

Stop and think each morning

What are you really after?

What are you chasing?

Where do you want to reach?

Is it your journey?

And what are you missing?

Too much of frowning

Too much of stress

Too much of road rage

And one big mess.

Notice the kitten

Notice the kite

Look around you

And feel the light

The light of laughter

The glow of faces

The shimmer of beauty

In all its shades

It’s the small things that matter

That bring delight and peace

And make you feel content in life

Even when bigger things fade.

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Sailee Brahme

She is a freelance writer and poet from India. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, a Diploma in Liberal Arts and a Master’s degree in English. A voracious reader and language enthusiast. She has been teaching French for many years. A dancer, foodie and crazy dog-lover who is passionate about books, movies and music. She is author of two poetry books- 'Solitary Reflections' and 'Loving a Soldier'. She loves exploring new lands and cultures, baking, eating and singing.
Sailee Brahme

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