Face to Face

There is a strength that comes from scars that we do not find any other way. So let us embrace our scars, let us run and jump and dance, and bear our scars to the world. Let us rejoice that we are free from hiding, free from shame.

My face is something that I cannot bare to see

Every blemish, pimple, and scar bothers me

Ah, my face has seen the unseen

Every punch, scratch, bite, and burn has imprentened my horrors

These eyes are not a representation of reflection

These peepers are keepsakes of long nights, early mornings, fights, and frights

Something is wrong with my face

Why does it show what I know?

Why does it reveal my struggles?

Why oh why does my face look like this?

A pat here, a stroke there, and maybe even some lipstick

Though I can make it up

Though I can hide behind all things that make it look real

I still can’t bare to look at my face

A name with no face doesn’t cut it

A face with no name doesn’t click

Ah, my face

Whether I like it or not

Mirror or no mirror

Ashamed or proud

I have to come face to face with my face

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Arganise Campbell-Nash

She is a blogger/poet at 1,000 Stories Behind The Eyes and podcaster. Along with being a writer she is also a freshman at Oakland Community College pursuing a degree in Mass Communications. With many accomplishments under her belt, the biggest one is finding her own voice through poetry.
Arganise Campbell-Nash

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