The Ride

“Women safety” is a hot topic. But we’d rather call it Women “Unsafety”. It’s not possible to imagine the worry and the fear that grips her heart, when she travels alone, when she’s waiting for a bus or when she keeps an eye on the route. An entire family is on edge until she reaches her destination. But the big bad wolf doesn’t care. He makes his plans to destroy the life someone else is taking efforts to protect!

When you were feeling happy

That a young pretty girl got into your cab

She was feeling relieved to be on her way home

When your lips were going up in an evil smirk

Her father’s forehead was creased with worry

When you were messaging your friends about the opportunity

She was messaging assurances to her mother

When you were thinking of all the detours you could take

She had Google Maps open on her lap

You were thinking of how you’d trap her

She was worrying about the Child Lock

A rickshaw, a bus, a cab- all meant to be a safe ride home

Turned into machines of violence

Controlled by today’s driver, tomorrow’s criminal

Who left behind a bloody body

And only silence!


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Sailee Brahme

She is a freelance writer and poet from India. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, a Diploma in Liberal Arts and a Master’s degree in English. A voracious reader and language enthusiast. She has been teaching French for many years. A dancer, foodie and crazy dog-lover who is passionate about books, movies and music. She is author of two poetry books- 'Solitary Reflections' and 'Loving a Soldier'. She loves exploring new lands and cultures, baking, eating and singing.
Sailee Brahme

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