When Do We See Ka’aba?

The Lord searches every heart and understands every motive behind our thoughts.’‘A humble, loving heart is like a magnet that draws the favour of God towards it’.

( The Life God Blesses by Jim Cymbala )

The very title must have  drawn a quick answer—-‘ Of course, when we reach the holy city of Mecca and do the zyarah of the most sacred site in Islam at the Masjid al-Haram—–the Ka’aba , is the time when we see Ka’aba. The answer is correct if the question is taken just in the outer sense; but there are some questions which are not asked to be answered all at once ; rather, they require the readers not to look at  the  body but to reach the soul . Now, here lies the true effort—doing a close scrutiny—  reaching the soul.      

I may not claim to be a good Muslim but at least I can say I’m a strong believer as I offer salah five times a day; read the Quran although I don’t understand the language, but by reading the translation, I comfort myself with the thought that I understand what’s coming from God. I try to do all the good (halal) things and stay away from all that could be misleading (haram). But despite all this what is it that makes me feel restless sometimes leaving me tossing and turning. I ponder over it for hours and hours in the fruitless effort to gather the reason. All I know is that I need to know something that seems missing—maybe I need to do my Ibadah in a better way, or to work harder at my work place or…….., there can be so many ‘maybe’ ,I keep searching my intellect but the answer is yet not to be found.

All news on our TV channels are just so dispiriting, be it the domestic issues or the international ones—everywhere the chaos seems to be over taking the world. I just keep surfing the channels to get some right one as I can’t see any more  pessimism coming up…….. I catch a channel; things stop over; I feel myself in a trance with my heart beating fast, my eyes getting slightly wet. What is it? The channel is showing some documentary on the most beloved of all homes, the Home of The Almighty, the Ka’aba. This is the time which draws me the idea that I need to visit this place to attain the peace which I have been seeking for a longer time; a place that embraces all who just go and do the ‘ziyarah’  with the blessing of a termless/perpetual guidance, a place where, perhaps, a believer must go to find a sense of tranquillity and placidity he is always thirsting for and may have never experienced before.

I am now firm to make this holy journey. So, I have started preparing for it in terms of  collecting money that I can only do after making savings from my immediate expenditures, i.e, fulfilling my responsibilities towards my family. I am on the go now every day and night to amass my required amount and  at last the day I have been yearning for for quite a long is hoped to be approaching me fast.

Today is the day when after working hard for day and night, I finally manage to make arrangement for my visit to the most beloved land. Very excited, I come at my workplace to meet all my colleagues to take their blessings for the journey. And, now it’s time to leave ; saying them goodbye , leaving the corridor of my office building, taking the steps very fast as if I am in an eternal hurry to reach somewhere; I suddenly catch sight of a public notice being hung on the outer wall of the building with the words   ‘Dear All,  in spite of having a lot of contribution from many of us, the (x) amount is still left to be made out by some more donners. Please hurry! You can save someone’s life just with a little act of generosity.’ ( The request is from a widowed whose only son ,the only earning hand, has to undergo some emergency surgery to get back to a normal healthy life). 

But I have to go to the Holy Land. I need peace, I need to search for something I have longed for for a considerable amount of time. On top of all, I may not be able to gather money again so soon if I make this donation. No, I can’t do this; some righteous and God-fearing person would come and do it. I need to hurry to my own destination, and I’m decided. Perhaps, I don’t have a single moment to waste to reach that holy land; and, I move.

What is it?…..I find my feet refusing to step forward. Which force is it that is dragging my feet backwards? My heart and mind seem to be encountering a conflict about what to do? I have never been in such a turmoil before——–and at last, I resign myself to the voice coming very forcefully from inside—‘Why can’t I be that righteous and God-fearing person ??? I withdraw ——-taking my way to a new destination……….

Sitting in great solace, I may have never had in my life before , with tears rolling down my eyes,  and my heart smiling with peace; a calmness is engulfing my soul; and, despite being far away from my destination, the distance seems to have been covered. Today I get the answer to my perplexity; my untiring search for something, i.e, the true soul of our religion——to seek the love of the Almighty by winning the love of His creature.

Perhaps  a time when with a minor good deed ——when a tear is wiped out from someone’s face who is distressed; when a smile breaks wide on the face of a needy person with our help; when a hungry stomach is provided food without having his dignity hurt ; when a hurtful remark is not returned the same way it is hurled on us just in the fear of God; when the weak is not suppressed by the superior; when an unflinching service is paid to our old parents in the time it is needed most; when the most painful times are spent with unyielding faith in God; is the time we win His love ; our souls meet the soul of our religion, and this is the time when a true Momin ( a strong believer) sees the Ka’aba, the Home of our Lord, the Almighty.

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