This poem is all about restoring the balance humanity is losing in this 21st century in terms of mind, body and spirit. In this new age of going back to Vedas, yoga and meditation is all about balancing the imbalance yet few are still lost and love that imbalance that will leave humans crazy, desolate and broke. It’s high time we understand the dilemma and stay sound for our next generation to prosper.


We try to achieve


Still dissatisfy

As extreme, we do live for

That distort the balance.

Floating like a foam in water

Or sinking deep down as iron nail

Imbalance, we live and die

Without realising its harm.

Till one day

Say a mad man or woman

Shakes your spirit

Shakes it out of imbalance

Offers you her balance.

As if a bee

You pound on that sugary substance

Still fear to enter it

Hesitating, if it’s real or an illusion

Who cares?

You get back to that imbalance to balance it your life, the way it was.✍️

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Shalini is a literature lover, book hoarder, chaser of the eternal truth, spiritual who loves scribbling poems, satire and gratitude for whatever she has. A mother who thinks every child deserves love, respect and care. Her dream is to meet Robin Sharma and thank him as his books helped her to revive herself once again. Her dream is to teach every woman to speak up against depression, domestic violence and injustice. She believes in the power of meditation and encourages everyone for the same.

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One thought on “Balance

  • April 15, 2019 at 9:49 PM

    Amazing poem Shalini.. I really liked this.. Thankyou for sharing..


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