Creative Elements by Oliver Sacks

Oliver Sacks (9 July 1933 to 30 August 30, 2015) one of the great author of American history, professor of neurology and physician, had written about the creative element of an artist and thinker. He was one of the alone personalities of his time and never married and lived alone most of his life.  As he said that creative Elements of an artist start from Imitating something in the process of being creative. An artist has to imitate something to get originality of his creative work.

In the process of being creative ego can blind an artist because creativity brings ego and proud which may lead an artist not able to recognize the originality of being creative. Whatever is being treated as a creative work already had been done in another creative form. And for an artist to be original in his creative work has to take inspiration from the work which is already done.

As he mentioned in his writings that “creativity depends on openness”.

As he mentioned beautifully that “if you are looking for the love of your life, stop; they will be waiting for you when you start doing things you love”.

Mr. Oliver had defined two forms of creative work “making and Birthing”. His statement about creative work was very much convincing and he categorized creative work in two forms and somewhere it is true that creative work may have a different meaning as per work done by an artist.

He has beautifully defined the difference between Making and birthing of creative work of an artist.  He referred to making creative work as elementary sources from society and history. Making creative work which is based on basic learning form the society and make the creative work.

And on the other hand he defined birthing creative work as based on intuition, work which is not an immediate result of instant thoughts, creative work in which personal experiences adhere deeply.

Work which contains meaningful values to the people and society.

Birthing creative work is being originated by inner self and from the inner chaos and struggle which comes in the result of great creative work.

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