Give me a little think…..

This poem is a call to humanity in general; an attempt to show light in midst of Darkness that has engulfed modern man.


I am happiness;

  I multiply thousands times more if I am caused to others.

I am sadness;

I linger if I am not cured with the memory of the Almighty.

I am mistake;

I am never repaired unless I am realized.

I am patience;

I make friends with those who are always grateful to The Almighty for all they have.

I am trust;

I only become unshakable and unyielding if I am entrusted upon God.

    I am time;

I am the most precious of all possessions; unstealable but unreturnable.

          I am anger;

I destroy discretion unnoticed and stamp out those who are fragile before me.

                I am respect;

Once I am gone, I am unreturnable. I always dwell with those who offer me to others.

                I am human heart;

                  I am not alive unless I feel for the pains of others.

                I am a relationship;

I am vulnerable to deterioration unless I am a given a space for making mistakes.

            I am tongue;

            I need the supreme care as my utterances are irreversible.

                      I am human soul;

             I am dead unless I am considered superior to body.

                      I am prayer;

                          I am lost to those who are lost to God.

                      I am a nation;

I turn into a crowd if my people neglect to safeguard my ideology.

                  I am a lost glory of man;

I made my way out of the world as I was aggrieved to find peace, equality and justice missing everywhere and humanity being degraded in mean pursuit of material gods.

Dear all


Give me a little think

Give me a little think

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Farah Nazeer

A short story writer and a teacher by profession. She believes real fiction slips beyond a writer's grip just as our own life does. Here the knot remains tied: fiction is life or life is merely a FICTION? 
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