Save Yourself

Society has conditioned everybody to compare everything and everyone all the time. Your success is never based on your individual capacities or situations but is relative to that of your peers. We often feel disheartened or incapable of achieving anything. But remember, the actions of others don’t determine our worth.


No matter what you do

     No matter where you go

     There will be people who will hold you back

     And say you can’t any more

Just when you feel good about yourself

      They will be there to complain

      To point out what you did wrong

      And to add to your pain

One day you’ll start doubting yourself

      And stop trying altogether

      Then they’ll crib again

      About everything but the weather

One day you’ll believe them

      And lose your passion

      The sparkle in your eyes will be gone

      You’ll be left with inaction

But then you’ll realize

      They’ve moved on to another

      And you’ll be the shining example

      For somebody else’s mother

So ignore the haters

      Forget the cynics

      Believe in your dreams

Stick to the basics

Hone your talents

      Learn what you must

      Remember only a few

      Deserve your trust

Do what you want

      But do it best

      Shut them all up

      You won’t always be at your lowest!

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Sailee Brahme

She is a freelance writer and poet from India. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, a Diploma in Liberal Arts and a Master’s degree in English. A voracious reader and language enthusiast. She has been teaching French for many years. A dancer, foodie and crazy dog-lover who is passionate about books, movies and music. She is author of two poetry books- 'Solitary Reflections' and 'Loving a Soldier'. She loves exploring new lands and cultures, baking, eating and singing.
Sailee Brahme

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