The Blue Escapade of Gujarat: Mandvi

A true escapade from the scorching sun of Gujarat is its beaches. YES, believe me! The beaches of Gujarat are the perfect runaways from its heat. The cool, serene, tranquil and placid beaches of Gujarat are the true adoring destinations for any nomad. One such mesmerising coastal region of Gujarat is Mandvi. This coastal urban along the Arabian Sea is set in the district of Kutch. Mandvi was once the summer retreat of the Kings of Kutch who visited the beach town during the yearly hot days. It was once the private beach of the Kings of Kutch but is now open to all commoners.

The Beach

The Arabian Sea while holding its hands with the sun-kissed beaches makes an extraordinary destination of Mandvi. Its clear glistening water with lenient sands makes it a top choice as a holiday destination. The fresh and tidy beach is a true ecstasy for nature lovers. The cool breeze of the ocean along with its sparkling blue water makes a perfect permutation for a wanderer. Mandvi beach is a must stopover for travellers visiting Kutch and Bhuj.

What to do?

There is a large concrete emblem beside the beach that reads ‘I Love Mandvi’. The blue and red calligraphy along the sand is the photography junction of many, me being no exception.  One can leisurely stroll along the water lines or just sit back and relax on the benches under the small shades. The gigantic view of the ocean while sipping in the coconut water is a true bliss at the beach. Camels and horses with elegant decorations are available for a ride along the shore. One can ride solo or with their companions. One can also enjoy bathing and swimming at Mandvi. Changing rooms and wash-rooms are available near the beach for the ease of travellers. Sunset and sunrise are the must while on a beach and Mandvi is no exception. Travellers can indulge themselves in the spellbinding views of the sun at the horizon. The changing hues of the sky with its reflection on the sea make the cosmos not less than any dreamland.


Riding Price: 200 INR per person (subjected to bargaining)

Water Activities

If you are a water sports lover come to Mandvi. There are speed boats, banana boats, water scooty, jumper balls and what not! Though I had enough past experiences of water sports yet I could not resist myself and went for water scooty and speed boat. You can try all of these, if not at least one of these. It’s fun!

Activity Price: It starts from as low as 100 INR and goes up to 500 INR. Bargaining is the main skill you have to master at!


A large number of food stalls are set at the vicinity of the beach. Golgappas, coconut water, corn cups, fruit juices, tea, coffee and soda-shikanji are available in handy for the food-loving nomads. I pampered myself with corn cups and coconut water.


Points to ponder

  • Though the beach remains open all round the clock, avoiding the same at night is recommended.
  • Water sports are open from 10 in the morning till the sunset.
  • The beach is clean and tidy with an ample number of litter bins. Please be a responsible traveller and don’t turn the beach into a bin.

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